Hi there!

I’m Mama, a 30-something (ok nearly 40!) first time mama navigating the crazy world of parenting whilst trying to keep some semblance of self and not lose myself to motherhood completely!

The Cast

I’ll be writing about our life as a new family, as well as a wide variety of topics as they come up. Here is a little run down of the main characters…

Mama – that is me, I’m nearly 40 and navigating life as a first time parent

Daddy/Hubby – my lovely husband and co-pilot on this journey we’re on

Little Man – our little bundle of giggles and sunshine

Sausage Face – our first baby, our fur child who has had his substantial nose put out of joint by the arrival of his new brother!

I hope you enjoy our stories, suggestions and articles! Any questions or suggestions please do contact me on multitaskingmama2022@gmail.com