Choosing a lightweight stroller or pushchair

woman pushing a stroller in the parkSummertime tends to mean more days out, and one of the important bits of kit that you need to think about is a lightweight pushchair. It’s so helpful to be able fold it up and throw it in the boot of the car. In terms of a baby, buying a pushchair is one of the most important decisions you will make. It can make your life as a parent easier, if you make a good decision – however, if you choose a pushchair or stroller for the wrong reasons, or choose the wrong one for your lifestyle, it can make your life much more difficult – in fact you are likely not to use that pushchair and go out and buy another.

I have spoken with many parents who have made exactly this mistake and ended up owning two or even more pushchairs. Why? – because pushchairs, strollers and buggies come in very many different shapes and sizes. As a parent, indeed as a parent buying a pushchair for the very first time, it is easy to make your purchase for the wrong reasons – because you don’t yet understand the most important factors when making that purchase.

When moving a baby or toddler outdoors, in a buggy, stroller or pushchair, you will soon realise that you will need so many other things with you – spare clothing, nappies, bottles, food. Also, you will not be able to carry shopping while you are pushing your pushchair, so you will need to be able to store shopping on your pushchair. So a large basket can be a Godsend when you are out and about.

Now, you are probably realising that this is all going to add weight, and you are right – the combined weight of pushchair, baby, shopping, clothes, feed, and anything else, will become quite significant.

As the weight becomes more and more, you will sacrifice manouverability and shopping can start to become really difficult – now imagine you are fighting your way around a busy store, with narrow aisles and you will start to realise that, for shopping, a lightweight buggy is really important.

There are many circumstances where a weight is not so important and there are many other factors that also must be taken into account. Buying a pushchair, stroller or buggy is not any easy decision and deserves much thought and consideration.

There are so many options when it comes to buying a pushchair, so one of the best things you can do is to make a list of pros and cons to help, think about:

  • Where you will mostly be pushing the baby (off-road, city/town, combination)
  • How much stuff you will be carrying
  • Can you convert your stroller into a double buggy if you need to

What other questions can you think about?