Be in the photo mama

My mum hated having her photo taken, a trait I seen to have inherited.

When I’m looking at pictures of me, all I see are my (perceived) imperfections. My multiple chins, my tummy etc.

But when I look at pics of my mum I see her lovely smile, her beautiful face and the love she had for me.

female photographer with camera

So, when My baby looks at pictures of me I know he isn’t going to look at those parts of me that I hate, he’ll see how much fun we had, how much he made me smile and now much I love him. I’m really fighting against my natural urge to hide away from the camera, to criticise every photo of me because I don’t want to pass that self-critical voice onto my beautiful boy.

Instead I focus on those things, how happy I look, now much fun we’re having and how much love shines through for my pride and joy. 

With all that in mind, we recently decided to have a cheesy family photo shoot. (My husband is much the same as me).

We looked around our local area, asked for recommendations and googled reviews – after a false start. We settled on our chosen photographer. He had a studio in his garden and came recommended by people we knew.

Deciding on a theme

I spent a while looking for ideas of a theme we could have that wouldn’t be too cliched, I found a huge number of ideas on Pinterest.

I liked the idea of a colour scheme, but couldn’t decide on one we would all suit, but my husband wears a lot of checked shirts – so we all went down this route! I have to say, the pictures turned out SUPER cute! We all have checks on, but in different colour schemes and types.

Be prepared to spend on pictures

Most family photographers will have packages that they offer, and these will include a number of pictures – it’s almost never enough! We wanted some extras, but we didn’t go too mad. Set a budget ahead of time and stick to it!

I really want to go back and have some more done in a few months, maybe for little man’s first birthday.


What do you think? Do you get in the photo?