Socialising with a baby

Since little man entered our lives we’ve been in the newborn bubble, we’ve seen family and close friends, but not really socialised very much. We are starting to find our feet a little more and are starting to think about socialising a little more which is really lovely.

woman in warm clothes with a takeaway mug

Of course, how we do things looks a little different. We have an added member of the party who can’t be left at home (unlike sausage face who just prefers not to be left at home!) so we need to do things a little differently.

When it comes to socialising nowadays we do a lot more during the day than previously, especially as, to be frank, we are often quite exhausted come bed time. As the weather brightens up and we head into the Summer that is a lot easier. Here are some of the things that we have started to do instead of nights out these days:


One of my favourite things to do is to go for coffee. I’ve found a few lovely places to go, meet up with other mums and generally enjoy a pleasant few hours. I love drinking coffee and a good latte is close to heaven for me, throw in a millionaires shortbread and I’m on cloud 9!

This is also something that Hubby and I enjoy doing together. If we have a free bit of time together we’ll go for a wander and grab a cuppa somewhere.


I’ve found an amazing tribe of women through some of the mums groups I go to, and one of our weekly things to do is go for a walk somewhere lovely. This lets us get some fresh air for our littles – which helps them to sleep well. It also costs a lot less than most activities, mostly as we’ll take a picnic and flasks of coffee with us, which when you are on reduced maternity pay is a really good thing! Exercise is a good thing too! Finally, it also means that more of us can get together without having to physically take over a venue!

Nights Out – In!

We’ve yet to leave little man with grandparents and go out just the two of us, and I’ve not managed a girls night out yet. But we do still love to see our friends and we will get together at our house or theirs for dinner and drinks. We’ve had games nights, gin, pizza, films and much more. All of this means we get to have adult conversation, without the worry of needing baby sitters or taxis etc. We’re planning a BBQ again as the weather gets better too.

I’m not saying we won’t ever have another night out, but night’s out in our 30s (and beyond!!) will look a bit different going forward…


Having a baby doesn’t mean your social life has to change, but for us we’ve wanted it to change a bit… what changes have you made to your social life since having littles?