Gousto Box Goodness

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One of the things that we have really struggled with since Little Man joined our family is eating healthily. It’s far too easy to use Uber Eats and wait for the nice man to bring us McDonalds, Costa or Subway! Some friends of ours have been using Gousto to help keep their meal planning interesting.

We used their code to give it a go and have had some pretty amazing meals over the last few weeks.

We do our best to start with the healthy choices or low calorie options, but I’m not going to lie – a treat meal finds it’s way into most boxes! Boxes are delivered to us on a Monday and this sets us up for the week.

We have 4 meals for 2 people and the box is delivered to our door. Everything is there that you need to create the meals and the recipes are super easy to follow.

Gousto has over 60 recipes each week to choose from. The app and website are both super easy to use and Hubby and I can log in separately and both see what is going on, what we’re getting and when.

Whilst not the cheapest option, this has also helped us keep our budget under control a little better. With a new baby, getting our finances in order is a bit of a priority since we are only on one income at the moment!

If you fancy having a go we can offer 65% off your first box, plus 30% off your first month by using our referral code. If you use our referral we’ll also get credit towards our boxes (thank you!)

Let me know if you do use our code and how you get on with it!