Mama Me Time

I’m a relatively new mama, navigating the world as a new parent, juggling new routines and roles in my life. I knew it would be tough – I’ve watched my parent friends going before me with awe. I didn’t realise quite how difficult it would be to find time for myself.

In a pre-little man world I’d unwind by having a long soak in the bath, reading a book or doing a face mask. Those things don’t really hold the same appeal these days, so I’ve had to look for other things to help me chill.

woman in warm clothes with a takeaway mug

Coffee Time

One of the things that I love, more than anything is chilling out over a coffee. I have been making a point every couple of weeks of meeting friends for coffee (and usually cake too!).

Putting the world to rights over coffee has always been one of my favourite things to do – and even with little man in tow this is something I love to do. We moved just before he was born, our new town doesn’t really have any independent coffee shops, but I love discovering little hidden gems when we travel anywhere new.






Nailed it

I’ve also rediscovered a love of having nice nails. I found a company that makes nail stickers that help me to create art on my nails without much fuss. Lily and Fox have a wide range of designs and colours for just £1.99 a set.

I’m pretty hard on my nails so they don’t last a huge amount of time for me, usually about a week and I’ve found the glittery ones last best. I don’t mind changing them up regularly, there are so many amazing designs to choose from.

The wraps come from overseas so take a little while to arrive, but postage is free and it’s like a little gift from myself to future me! Doing my nails takes less than half an hour and it’s nice to do something for myself.

Podcast Perfection

I have only just started to listen to podcasts, but have found that I’m really enjoying putting them on in the background whilst I play with little man. I’m currently listening to Go Love Yourself and For the Love of Hip Hop which is giving me all kinds of sound memories!

How do you find time for yourself? What helps you to feel like you when you are trying to juggle everything else?